Lipo Op. II by Julio Arancibia


Li Po Op.II (1988):

This work is dedicated to my friend Luis Eduardo Garcia. He introduced me to the history of Chinese poets, which inspired me to compose it. Li Po was the major lyric poet of China during the Tang dynasty. He was born in Gansu Province – Central Asia in 701 A.D. and died in 762 A.D. He is said to have drowned in an intoxicated state when he tried to embrace the reflection of the moon in a river. In the first part, Li Po drifts relaxed in his canoe on the river, while he is fascinated by the reflection of the moon, but still worried. The second part is characterized by a dramatic leitmotif designed with rhythmic contrasts, which can be heard simultaneously with a melancholic melody. This contradiction clarifies the poet’s conflict with himself as he struggles with the beauty of the sight of his own life.



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